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The mission of Wild Kane County is: To honor the intrinsic value and beauty of the natural world and to advance the preservation and restoration of wildlife and wild lands, with a focus on Kane County, Utah.


As a small, growing, not yet registered charity in southern Utah, Wild Kane County’s purpose is to speak up for and raise awareness of the world of nature, wild lands and wildlife, the living beings on the earth, plants and animals, the rocks, canyons, mountains, and natural features of the earth, as well as the oceans, rivers, watersheds, the creatures of the sea, and – farther afield – the darkness of the night skies so that the stars can be seen, and to cultivate a sense of reverence, and a non-destructive relationship with all of nature; the space above us, the moon, asteroids, other planets, and the greater universe.


Who we are


This website is still under construction.  Soon, the names and bios, of the Board, the Officers, and a committee of Advisors will be posted.


For the past five years, Wild Kane County and its antecedent group, the Coalition for All Wildlife, have been active in southern Utah, standing up for wild lands and wildlife – holding meetings and events, working together with other conservation groups, writing, communicating, and providing education and some enlightenment – and even the uplifting inspiration of poets and musicians.


As a broad-based group, we welcome all who adhere to our core values to support wildlife and wild lands (for their benefit, not just our own). Our individual viewpoints and positions vary. Though we do not always agree, we seek to promote conversation, discussion, and clarity. In line with our purpose, on this site, we post news, information, and perceptions related to wild lands, wildlife and the natural world. An article or posting is an expression of the author’s view and need not necessarily reflect the views of Wild Kane County.


We do not post graphic or distressing descriptions or photos of animal suffering – or links to such material – because we feel that causing pain to human beings who love animals is counter-productive to our purpose and does not help the animals. We follow basic standards in terms of comments posted and do not approve those that would be considered by most to be objectionable. Any viewpoints, whether we agree or not, may be posted, provided they can be phrased in a non-offensive way.  Details of this policy are available by writing to our email address: wildkancounty@yahoo.com.


Our vision


We envision a world in which all beings and the world of nature may live freely, in peace and justice, where the interdependence and co-existence of all as integral parts of the eco-system is honored, where human beings, like all other animals, take only what they need and only their fair share. Where greed- and fear-based economies and structures have been supplanted by life-giving ones. Where it is understood that we belong to nature, the earth is our mother, and that nature does not belong to us and was not created for our benefit. Where we recognize the sentience, the profound beauty and the intrinsic value of other beings. Where we feel not only an obligation, but a deep-seated drive, to do all within our power to aid all wild animals, wild lands, and the planet itself to thrive in in peace, with justice, to pursue their lives, freedom, and happiness, as nature intended. We are all part of the web of life and our role is to live in harmony with the wild. Where we have learned, that often it is best to leave wild places alone in the wise, capable hands of mother earth, without undo human interference, and to leave untouched the vast wild places of the earth to re-establish the wilderness that is their right. We look towards a world where nature unfolds once again in primeval splendor and beauty, in the magnificence and sublime presence of the trees, the wild animals, the clouds, the seas, and the stars. Where we as humans are a small part of this earthly life.


And so, we stand up to speak out for our wild brother and sisters. While we cannot, in an uncertain world, foresee or guarantee any outcomes, either local or global, we remain optimistic, in the knowledge that speaking up for and doing all that we can for wildlife, wild lands, and the natural world will bear fruit at some time, and will help to build a new foundation either in this age or in the age to come, and that, in response to the call of wild voices, this is a good thing to do.


Whoever you are, and wherever in the world you live, you are welcome to join in this effort. You are invited to join us as a follower of Wild Kane County by clicking on the “Follow” button to the right. Welcome and many blessings to you and to all that is wild!